How is DogPhoria different from other kennels & doggy daycare facilities?

Our facility is cage-free all day long. We take fewer dogs than most facilities so that we can provide the best care for your dog. We do our best to know every dog by name and know their likes and dislikes. We take pride in customizing your dog's care when they come to play with us at DogPhoria. This provides a more intimate experience for your pet and make them feel they are at their "home-away-from-home."

Is daycare a good idea for my dog?

Doggie Daycare is a great way for your dog to learn their canine manners and how to socialize with a pack of dogs. The socialization of your pup is beneficial in many ways. A well stimulated and socialized dog is more confidant and obedient. Dogs often misbehave out of boredom and lack of exercise, so a dog daycare is the perfect solution for energy release. It also allows working parents peace of mind that your pups are well taken care of during a long weekday.

Do you require a temperament test before I can make boarding reservations for my dog?

Yes, we require a temperament test at least 24 hours before you make a boarding reservation. We are a cage-free environment and must evaluate each dog's behavior to ensure a safe experience for each pet. Please call to make an appointment for this complimentary test.

My dog has never played at DogPhoria. Why is a Temperament Test required?

A temperament test is given as all to new campers as a complimentary trial day in which we evaluate each dog's behavior in this environment. Evaluations must be scheduled and completed at least 24 hours before a boarding reservation can be made. We use a gradual introduction to the pack for all new dogs in order to provide a secure setting for assessments. The temperament test, which is by appointment only Monday through Friday, is FREE for Atlanta residents and a minimum of four hours long. It is mandatory for each dog to wear a 'quick-release' collar with ID or name tag to comply with safety standards.

What are your spay/neuter & vaccination requirements?

We require a hard copy of your dog's current vaccinations, which need to include Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (sometimes known as DHLP or DHLLP), and 6- month or yearly Bordetella (whichever your Vet recommends) for kennel cough. All dogs 8 months and older must be spayed or neutered.

What breeds are not accepted at DogPhoria & why?

We love every breed of pup here at DogPhoria, Unfortunately because of our cage-free environment and large group play, we do have to exclude certain breeds.  Although most dogs have great temperaments we cannot accept Akikas, Pit Bulls, Bull Mastiffs and Presa Canarios, as their physical strength can put other dogs at a greater disadvantage during play.

Is there an age limit for dogs?

DogPhoria tries to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of all types and ages of dogs. However, since DogPhoria is a play-all-day facility it may not be suitable for elderly dogs or dogs with health issues. All dogs must have all three rounds of their puppy shots before they are able to attend our daycare. These vaccinations include DHLPP, rabies and bordetella. They must be spayed or neutered by 8 months as well. Our facility is a cage-free active environment, which is not appealing for most elderly dogs. If your dog would not enjoy playing or want to exercise then we recommend boarding the elderly dogs with a pet sitter or at your vet.

Can my dog get hurt?

When dogs play they use their mouths and paws. Sometimes, not very often, play goes too far and a dog can end up with a minor injury. It is very similar to a childrens' school playground where kids may inadvertently get scrapes, scratches and bruises. However, DogPhoria always keeps the play areas supervised and we are constantly assessing your dog's overall health while they are in our care. In the event your dog is injured or shows signs of illness, they will be assessed immediately and treated onsite as necessary. At this point, one of our DogPhoria staff members will try contacting the owner (or emergency contact as necessary) to find out any specific instructions and, if further veterinary care is needed, which veterinarian we should take the dog. If urgent care is needed and the owner or emergency contact can not be reached we will take the dog to the first available Veterinarian office. The health and safety of all the dogs at DogPhoria comes first and we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to their well-being.

Why do I have to keep a card on file?

There are two answers to this question: 1.) For emergency purposes, and 2.) Convenience.

In the event of an emergency, we will need to provide your credit card to the Veterinarian's office for payment, per the enrollment form you sign.

This requirement is also a convenience to our customers when paying for reservations and boarding. When you call to make a reservation we simply charge the 50% deposit to the card on file. Then, we will charge the balance due for boarding on the day of drop off so you don't have to worry about missing a flight or meeting. Also, if your dog has a departure bath scheduled, we can process the payment before you pick up. It makes dropping off and picking up fast and easy! If you do not want the card on file charged for any reason, you must make DogPhoria aware not to charge the card and be able to provide payment at that time. We want to be able to concentrate solely on your dog's needs and not payment!

Do you require the H1N1 shot?

No, not at this time. We do recommend talking with your vet about the vaccination as it may be worth considering.

What would a typical day be like for my dog?

Our daycare is a cage-free environment all day long. We keep the dogs separated by size and temperament, and each room is always supervised. The dogs are able to utilize our puppy playground equipment and lounge on our comfy elevated cots. The pups are able to use our baby pool during hot days, and sunbath weather permitting in our outdoor area.

Should I invest in a daycare package? Tell me more.

Our daycare packages are a great way to save money and time. It is normally $28 per day for daycare. We have a 10 Day package that is $250, and saves you $30 over the course of those 10 days used. We also have a 20 Day package that is $460 and saves you $100. Both packages are valid for a full year and you can use your days at will. We keep up with each package for you on your personal file for your convenience. These packages are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.

Can someone wait for me if I am only a few minutes late pick up my dog from daycare?

No, we have to be very strict about our hours. We want to stay on time and as organized as we possibly can. Some of our staff have other dogs they attend to after work, in which some cases medicine is involved. We also have employees whose transportation relies on getting to a bus stop or train on time in able to make it home. We post our hours on our front door and website so that all customers are familiar with what time we open and close. We will always take very good care of your dog if they need to spend the night, making sure they are fed and properly attended to.

How do the webcams work and do I need a password?

You can access our webcams on most computers by going to our website at www.dogphoria.net. You can view them on our home page, by clicking on the appropriate location in the top-right hand corner. You do not need a password to view our cameras. It will prompt you to download either Active-X or JavaScript in order to view the live feed depending on the type of computer you are using. Some companies do not allow access to these type of websites for safety concerns. Please speak with your IT administrator for further details.

Will my dog back track on their potty training at home by coming to doggy daycare?

Your dog will definitely know the difference between home and daycare or even the park. Dogs understand and continue to learn the difference between one behavior in one location and another behavior in a different location. There are instinctive differences, such as smells, sights, and sounds. All dogs learn socially where to go to the bathroom in our daycare facility and it will not affect their potty training or habits. There is also an outside area which the dogs have access to go in and out whenever they please.

How are dogs separated when boarding?

We provide 4X6 and 5X5 suites in which are dogs are able to eat and sleep separately. The boarders play all day with the daycare dogs, and have their own suites at night to dine and catch up on their beauty sleep.

What should I bring for my dog's boarding vacation?

We ask that you provide your dog's food and package it in individual zip lock bags. We don't want to change your pups diet because of possible food allergies and upset tummies. You may also bring a bed for your dog's comfort.

We do not allow toys inside daycare playgroups. The possibility of some dogs being toy aggressive is not a risk we want to take. We want to make sure your dog is in a constant save environment. This also goes for toys during boarding. In case your dog decides to chew on their toy, we want to make sure no dog swallows any part of a toy that may turn into a dangerous situation. Food and beds are all we need! Drinking bowls and everything else are provided.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not take daycare reservations unless it's before or after a major holiday. We will always provide holiday hours on our website so that you can make reservations well in advance. We always take a 50% boarding deposit when you make a reservation and it is non-refundable. If you need to cancel a non holiday reservation we will issue you store credit. If you need to cancel a reservation during a major holiday no deposits will be refunded and no store credit will be given. DogPhoria is completely booked for every major holiday and in order to stay small we must enforce this policy. Please understand we do not want to become a facility that has to take hundreds of dogs. This policy helps ensure what we believe to be the highest level of care.

What time does my dog need to check-in by for boarding? Can we drop off & pick up on Sundays?

Boarding dogs need to be checked in by 12 Noon, Monday-Saturday. We want your dog to get as much playtime in before bedtime, and this gives us adequate time to properly prepare for their stay at DogPhoria. We have a high volume of foot traffic during the evenings for daycare pickup. We need the boarder's to be dropped off before this rush so we can focus on your needs and properly record all your instructions. Our Sunday hours are 4pm - 6pm for pick-up and drop off only; no daycare on Sundays.

Can I pick up my dog from boarding before or after hours?

No. Once the retail store closes all of our staff focuses on supervising the playgroups. No staff member is allowed to leave the group of dogs to let a customer in to pick up their dog or drop a dog off. This is for the safety of the entire playgroup as well as your individual dog. We provide open hours each day even Saturdays and Sundays to be convenient to all of your needs.

Is my dog isolated all day when your retail area is closed?

No way! Our daycare supervisors are with the dogs in the playroom all day long, 365 days a year, even when the retail area is closed. Make sure to log on to our web cameras so you can watch your pup when you're away!

Do you have any boarding packages and discounted rates for extended trips?

No, we do not offer any boarding packages or offer discounts for extended trips. However, we do offer a multiple dog discounted rate. It is $40 to board one dog overnight, and $25 for each additional dog.

Can you administer my dog medicine and is there an additional charge?

Yes, we can administer most medications and there is no additional charge. However, we do not accept dogs with certain medical conditions because we do not have any medical staff on the premises. Please inform us any medical conditions up front so we can ensure we are the right facility for your pup. Also, we need to know of any food allergies as well to help maintain a safe environment for all dogs.

Do you offer any grooming or bathing services?

YES! We can always give your dog a bath, ear cleaning, brushing and nail trim by appointment or, if available, on the same day - just ask a front desk staff. We also offer departure baths for our boarding dogs. However, DogPhoria is no longer doing grooming and/or haircuts so that we can focus all our attention on the care of you and your dog. We are happy to recommend professional grooming for haircuts.

Can I do half days?

No. When dogs come and go throughout the day it disrupts the calm and controlled play group.

Can I find you on Facebook and/or Twitter?

Yes! Go to our website at www.dogphoria.net, and you will find our FB link on the homepage. Or you can just click here!